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Dear Brad,

Just a quick note to thank you for the excellent work you have done on my 59-foot Selene in relation to the quiet exhaust. Your design has been fantastically successful and I believe the noise level has dropped about 85%. I am absolutely delighted with both the design and the workmanship.

Congratulations and thanks very much!


Dick Smith
(Founder of Dick Smith Electronics, Dick Smith Foods, Australian Geographic, Australian Entrepreneur,
Aviator and Australian Of The Year 1986)

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Hi Brad,

Fitting was a bit tight with the slightly larger diameter, but we managed ok. Very significant difference in exhaust note, very quiet. After removing the Vetus mufflers could see no baffles, they were virtually straight through. Very happy with the decision to make the change.

Don, owner of a catamaran with 2 x Yanmar 3GMD 30 Hp Diesel engines – Read the full post

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Hello Brad,

The mufflers took a bit of fitting but only slight modifications were needed. They made a big difference in noise. Can now have a conversation whilst underway. At idle the boat is near silent. Thanks for your help Brad, the mufflers performed perfectly.

Jamin, Jet Boat with a Lexus V6 engine – Read the full post

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“The noise has dropped 50% and it feels like a new boat!”

Steve Matthews, owner of a HMG 43 – Read the full post

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Hi Brad,

Just wanted to let you know I received the mufflers and fitted on the weekend. They just fit, but worked perfectly. Massive difference in noise at idle, I’d say improved by 100%. At 1400 RPM/7 knots, it’s around 50% better and about the same all the way to 3000 RPM, half the noise.

Got a nice sound still, in fact sounds better at half the noise. Stoked with the result, trolling was becoming a problem as my fathers hearing is not much chop anymore,now we can actually hear each other. Thanks again Brad and was happy with the turnaround time too!

JackRead the full post

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To whom it may concern

We are pleased to recommend Foreshore Exhaust Systems, having supplied to us four and five inch Waterlock Mufflers.

We have found these have satisfied our requirements regarding performance and quality.

Your Sincerely
Halvorsen Boats Pty Ltd
Trevor Gowland
General Manager

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Dear Brad,

I am writing to tell you about the Foreshore Waterlock Mufflers that we recently purchased from you.

We have been running ferry boats at Forster for the past 18 years and I wish I met you when we first started!

We replaced our old Elastomufflers with your waterlock model adn cannot believe how much quieter our ferry is now.

Your mufflers were simple to fit and I note that they are survey approved adn carry a 10 year warranty. The price of each muffler was very reasonable. Any prospective customer of your is welcome to ring me on (065) 54-7743 or 015 256 415 and I will be only too willing to confirm how good your product is.

Thanks again and good luck,
Bill Coombe
Amaroo Scenic Lake Cruises

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Hi Brad,

The risers have arrived safely. Thanks for the job, well done.
David Goodwin, QLD
Lombardini Marine Diesels, saildrive, catamaran
(1 Feb 2012)

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Hi mate,

Just a note of thanks for all your efforts with assisting me in this mammoth project.

After completing the mufflers, risers, changing the underwater penetrations and also modifying the bypass. The boat is really smooth running, no more buffering or vibration. And more importantly we can now hold a normal conversation without the need to shout at one another.

We will go for a full ocean run later this week and inform you of the performance of the new systems.

Cheers for now.

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Hi Brad,

Thanks for all your help.

Took the boat out for sea trials yesterday with good results. Blowing 20 knots with a 1-1.5m sea, cruising at 17-1800 RPM at 20-21 knots boat speed. The owner thought it may have been around a knot faster than before, boat does have a clean bottom and light on fuel. At 2200 RPM around 29 knots boat speed which is about the same as before.

Definitely quieter and no exhaust on the dive platform. A happy customer!
JP Macquet
Princess 53 Underwater Exhaust Conversion

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I’m pleased to say that your exhaust system is a complete success!

It’s much quieter overall and it has totally eliminated the loud drumming between 2300-2800rpm.

Prior to this this rev range was unbearable.
Importantly, the overall performance and feel of the boat remains unchanged.

JP did a fantastic job of the install. I will send a couple more pics.

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Dear Brad

Just a quick note to say how pleased ive been with the exhaust system you designed and built for my 38 ft yacht recently after a repower.

As you will recall its in a very tight space with not much height above the muffler and your clever and thoughtful design has worked very well and made for a tidy installation and exceptionally low noise levels ….very happy with it
Also appreciated your quick willing and friendly advice and speedy build service and il be recommending your business to my boating buddies for sure!

Cheers and thanks again,
David Spangaro