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Idle Vein Technology “(IVT)” (patent pending)

Foreshore Marine Exhaust Pty Ltd - World Leaders in Marine Exhaust Innovation

Foreshore Marine Exhaust Pty Ltd is the worldwide leader in wet exhaust design and wet exhaust solutions.

Primarily designed for commercial and super yacht wet exhaust systems, Idle Vein Technology (IVT) pat.pend. has been specifically designed for vessels spending long periods of time at idle or low RPM.

During idle periods, due to water and gas separation, the top of the exhaust line becomes extremely hot, often exceeding 120 degrees Celsius. Overtime, this will impact and lead to failure of the fibreglass exhaust system components.

Through the implementation of Idle Vein Technology (IVT), we can prevent system failure and extend the lifetime of the exhaust components.

This is achieved through the placement of cooling veins within the wet exhaust system which will cool the fibreglass pipework and extend the lifetime of service of the product.

Idle Vein Technology has been used to correct both super yachts and commercial wet exhaust systems. In addition, customised designs have been implemented into new build ferries where recorded temperatures of less than 35 degrees Celsius in day to day service have been achieved.

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