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Stainless Steel Wet Exhaust Elbows

Foreshore Marine Exhaust Pty Ltd - World Leaders in Marine Exhaust Innovation

Foreshore Marine Exhaust manufactures components for marine engines 5-2500 HP and for all marine generators.

Our wet exhaust elbows, risers and water injectors have evolved over the last 20 years to simply be, best of breed. Our water injectors are specifically designed to produce maximum cooling at LOW RPM.This is something our competitors commonly overlook. This excessive heat generated by poor water atomisation, is the primary cause of
damage to fibreglass piping and mufflers.

Foreshore Marine Stainless Steel Wet Exhaust Elbow

Stainless Steel Wet Exhaust Elbows

We have a total understanding of the conditions and the required performance of our water injectors. Any wet exhaust elbows cool efficiently at high RPM, its at low RPM or IDLE where our parts really out perform anything else on the market today. Many commercial vessels are run flat out, then IDLE for extended periods. THIS IS THE DANGER PERIOD! – hot exhaust gas, low water flow, the perfect storm! There is no point spending a fortune on good fibreglass mufflers, then using an inferior wet exhaust elbow or water injector. Combined with select metals and proven water atomisation technology, Foreshore Marine has commercial engines clocking over 30,000 hours regularly using our water injectors and fibreglass exhaust systems.

We select only the best stainless steel PIPE, we do not manufacture in TUBE like all our competitors do. Our commercial grade wet exhaust elbows have been in service since 1998, while our premium grade SAF 2205 parts have been in service since 1996 and still delivering performance cooling today as they did when first installed.

We are very proud to have been supplying YANMAR our quality parts since 2001 on most of their new range of commercial engines and many of their pleasure rated engines. We are also proud to have supplied many units on new MTU & CUMMINS engines, up to 406mm Dia for commercial vessels in SE Asia and beyond.

We have also worked closely with Caterpillar to develop a new range of products to replace their standard supplied parts, manufactured in the USA.

Yes, our parts are more costly than the cheap imports, the reason is simple: our parts are more than twice the wall thickness and the metals are superior grades so they don’t RUST under the fixed thermal blankets. They also don’t corrode internally letting raw water into the engine, causing turbo and piston damage. There is NO substitute for quality metal. There is a reason why some parts are cheaper. Why would you have water injected above an engine, into metal that is 1mm thick??? It doesn’t make sense…

We also manufacture replacement parts for CUMMINS, VOLVO, FIAT-IVECO, STEYR, FORD, YANMAR, MTU, DETROIT and many more.

If your current water injector, or wet exhaust elbow is showing signs of external leaking, then its leaking INTERNALLY TOO! This WILL lead to turbo and engine failure, no question.

Please contact us for REAL solutions, solutions that have been proven over 20 years of manufacturing and installing our products into the harsh marine environment, proven technology, proven results, you just cannot beat experience.