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Jacks 28 Bertram

bertieJack Gard loves his 28 Bertie, loves fishing from it in his home waters off Tassie, but hates the noise from the V8′s after trolling all day. We made some mufflers to the same dimensions as the old rubber mufflers. Jack did the install himself.

Jack writes …

Hi Brad,

Just wanted to let you know I received the mufflers and fitted on the weekend. They just fit, but worked perfectly. Massive difference in noise at idle, I’d say improved by 100%, at 1400 RPM/7 knots, it’s around 50% better and about the same all the way to 3000 RPM, half the noise. Got a nice sound still, in fact sounds better at half the noise. Stoked with the result, trolling was becoming a problem as my fathers hearing is not much chop anymore, now we can actually hear each other.

Thanks again Brad and was happy with the turnaround time too!


V8′s sound great, but not all day!!! We can tune your new mufflers like we did for Jack, we have the perfect solution for V8′s!