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Foreshore Marine Exhaust Pty Ltd - World Leaders in Marine Exhaust Innovation

‘Foreshore Marine Exhaust Pty Ltd’ began manufacturing fibreglass marine mufflers in Sydney, in 1990. They were designed by company director and shipwright – Brad Gorman.

Over 20,000 [twenty thousand] units have been manufactured and supplied thus far.

We have designed, installed and tested our technically advanced and superior exhaust systems on all marine engines and generators from 5 HP to 2500 HP.

Our exhaust systems have been used on High Speed Ferries, Tug Boats, Super Yachts, Mother Ships, Roll On/Roll Off Ships, Pleasure Boats, Game Fishing Boats, Jet Driven Super Yachts, Surface Piercing Drives, Stern Drives, Underwater Exhausts and Conventional Shaft Drives throughout Australia.

The Pacific, Asia, USA, Europe, UK, UAE anywhere there is a marine engine you will find a “Foreshore Marine Muffler”.

Foreshore Marine Exhaust Pty Ltd manufacture stainless steel high risers, stainless steel water injectors and fibreglass mufflers. They are the only company to offer a complete, ready to install exhaust kit from engine to over board discharge.

We stock fibreglass pipe, fibreglass full radius bends, rubber hose, clamps, silicon hump hoses, exhaust hangers, catalytic converters, purifiers, insulation, stub flanges, bellows and gaskets to 2500 HP.

We are the only company in the world to offer full bore, lightweight exhaust pipe and full bore lightweight full radius 90 degree bends for minimal pressure drop across the exhaust system. Nobody wants heavy pipe and restricted bends. Less weight in the boat and a lower exhaust temperature means less fuel consumption.

Dry exhaust mufflers and pipework available.

Specialist designer for V6, V8, V10, V12, V16 and V20 marine engines.

Liase with Australia’s leading marine architects to have the exhaust design perfect at the start of the project. No surprises later.

Consulting and exhaust fault diagnosis are also our specialty. With twenty years in the business there is not a problem we have not come across and solved. Experience counts !

* Free 24 HR Technical Advice – who else can offer this?

Lloyds, DNV, BV approved materials used.

Foreshore Marine Exhaust Pty Ltd is the only company in the world to design waterlift mufflers with internal baffles and in line silencers with dedicated water baffles. The noise attenuation is far superior to any system available on the world market today.

Others copy, we innovate.

Our company will continue to be at the forefront of marine exhaust design. You can be sure of optimum peformance when you choose a “Foreshore Marine Muffler”.

Contact us today for total exhaust solutions from the experts.


Recent Project List

  • Mariner 31 l65 hp Volvos
  • Mariner 31 V8 Merc 200 hp
  • Bertram 42 6V92 Detroit 475 hp
  • Timber trawler 55ft 6V92 Detroit 500hp
  • High Speed Ferry 26 mtr 910 hp Yanmar
  • High Speed Ferry 18mtr 500 hp Yanmar
  • Super Yacht 90 Jet 1500 hp MTU
  • Azimut Jumbo 105 MTU 1380 hp
  • Dyne 70 MTU 1200 hp
  • High Speed Ferry 34mtr 2380hp MTU
  • High Speed ferry 26 mtr 4 x Cummins 800 hp
  • Pilot Vessel 18 mtr Cummins 700 hp
  • Vessel 16 mtr Cummins 600 hp
  • Alloy Cat 23mtr 1200 hp Cat
  • Maritimo 50 Cummins 700 hp
  • Alloy Charter 10 mtr John Deere 375 hp
  • Alloy Charter 20 mtr Scania 500 hp
  • Cruising Yacht 65 GM 100 hp
  • Super Yacht 90 Cat 1400 hp
  • Timber Launch 22 40 hp Nanni