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Lift Baffle Technology “LBT” (patent pending)

Foreshore Marine Exhaust Pty Ltd - World Leaders in Marine Exhaust Innovation

Foreshore Marine Exhaust Pty Ltd is the Australian and worldwide market leader in Wet Exhaust technology.

Foreshore Marine Exhaust is the first company worldwide to offer Lift Baffle Technology (LBT).pat.pend Gas and water separate quickly in a wet exhaust system due to the difference in the speed each of these travels. As a result, noise attenuation is not at maximum efficiency.

Lift Baffle Technology (LBT) pat.pend. is an innovative baffle system designed to fit within the Waterlock Muffler. Lift Baffle Technology forces hot exhaust gases to mix efficiently with the cooling water, thereby, increasing noise attenuation to its maximum potential.

For further information, contact Brad Gorman at Foreshore Marine Exhaust Pty Ltd.