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“Noise has dropped 50% and it feels like a new boat”

Steve Matthews is a Tug skipper and has been involved with boats all his life. So naturally, he owns a HMG 43.

engine noise has dropped by 50%

Steve absolutely loves this iconic Australian beauty, but the “drone” from the Detroit Diesels was pretty ordinary.

Steve purchased some mufflers from another supplier and was told they were the best for the job. Well, they were not. Steve called me and we talked about modifying his existing mufflers. No need to go to the cost of new mufflers, just some basic, proven technology needed to be added. Steve cut the bases off his mufflers and performed some internal surgery. Since refitting the “new” mufflers, Steve cannot believe the difference!

He says: “The noise has dropped 50% and it feels like a new boat!”

We have modified all of our competitors mufflers with the same result – proof that our technology is the most advanced available in the world today. You simply cannot beat experience.