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Seahorse Post

Sea Horse – one of worlds most luxurious motor yachts

Sea Horse

At 170 feet, Sea Horse is probably one the most luxurious motor yachts in the world today.

Foreshore Marine Exhaust is re designing the generator exhaust systems for improved efficiency and better noise attenuation. Foreshore Marine Exhaust also fitted a custom underwater exhaust to “Sacs”, tender to Sea Horse. Sacs running 700 Hp aside Iveco diesels was producing approx. 115 DBA at full load and 90 DBA at idle. With the new mufflers, sound was reduced to below 65 DBA.

Foreshore Marine also redesigned and fitted new underwater fairings to the main engine exhaust outlets. The new fairings were CAD designed at nearly 1 meter long and 500mm high. They were formed in a steel press, meaning they could be fitted and painted immediately, to work in with a strict time frame. The resulting lower exhaust temps delivered less engine heat and wear and most of all, better fuel economy. “Seahorse” regularly crosses oceans, fuel economy is a very important factor.