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foreshore marine custom exhaust for nova cruises

Nova Cruises chooses Foreshore Marine Exhaust

Nova Cruises chooses Foreshore Marine Exhaust

Nova Cruises based in Newcastle NSW run a very professional operation consisting of two vessels. One 30 mtr restaurant cruise and a 16 mtr charter catamaran.

Owner Peter Hanrahan had used our systems before and contacted us firstly to reduce the exhaust noise on his 6 cylinder Cummins genset, and secondly the muffler was corroded.

“Our neighbours are complaining about the noise – its pretty ordinary”, said Peter.

Peter needed something that would deliver premium noise attenuation and was simple and quick to change out.There was no need to reinvent the wheel so we designed a modern, high tech version of the old muffler he had installed.

Result: Peter reports all that is audible is the cooling water hitting the harbour! We have since delivered new mufflers to the main engines with similar results.

At Foreshore Marine Exhaust we have proven technology. We can use your existing muffler dimensions and update the internal baffle system to deliver premium noise attenuation. With Foreshore Marine Exhaust there are no surprises, just proven results.

Please call Brad Gorman on 0418 978 528 for further information.