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MY “Suri”

At 203 Ft long, MY “Suri” is one of the most unique vessels of its type. Built in 1978 in the USA she was originally named “Fierce Contender” being a star in the famous series “Worlds Deadliest Catch”. After a 12 million dollar upgrade MY Suri was born. A beautiful ‘go anywhere’-vessel fully equipped with a gym, helicopter, sea plane and all the toys and luxury that goes with a charter fee of US $375,000 p/week, and that’s off peak!

So when her brand new 3508 Caterpillars rated at 1100 HP were tested with a high back pressure reading of over 1000mm H20, the gurus in San Diego gave it a whirl and came up short. We were contacted in October 2013 and flew up to Brisbane to asses the exhaust system. It needed a complete re design including a new spray ring in the water injector, new muffler and piping. The Chief Engineer did not want to change the existing overboard valving so the new exhaust was designed to incorporate that.

We sea trialled last week and reported back pressure at under 500mm H20. Cooling Veins were also fitted to keep wet exhaust temperature to a minimum.A very good outcome considering the job was technically very difficult.

Great job done on the muffler installation by the guys at Norman Wrights and engineering by David Baddiley.

MY Suri is now steaming to Auckland for a family holiday.