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June Foreshore Marine Exhaust News: Experience is the key factor … every time!

More Success!!! Experience is the key factor… every time!

In last months newsletter, we were midway through a tricky exhaust job on the stunning Assegai 44 “Megumi”.

The Barry Martin built masterpiece had a couple of noisy QSM Cummins 595 HP. After a brilliant installation by Barry and the crew at Assegai Marine, “Megumi” was ready to sea trial. After the engines were started, even at idle, the difference in noise levels were evident. We cruised out and opened up the QSM’s… WOW!!!

The rumble and Cummins drone had completely disappeared, the vibration had gone, it was a different boat.

Matty the pro deck hand and I had a conversation leaning over the stern at WOT. He was elated to say the least! The constant drone, the difficulty in communicating with Brownie on the flybridge was gone. Brownie and Matty can now talk without shouting, and more importantly their clients can have a great day out without reaching for the panadols.

Lee from Sea Wasp checked that the back pressure was all good, then Barry and the boys zipped up the back deck. Brownie also took some time out from his busy schedule and wrote us a fantastic testimonial. They love their Assegai, love their fishing, and love hanging out with their clients whom are now mostly friends. They are the best in the business.

We were lucky to work on an exciting project like this one, and thrilled we could deliver exactly what they required. Careful planning, expert design and perfect execution makes for the best result possible.

If you want the best day out game fishing possible, check out their website

Also sea trialled a Dyna 70, out of Port Lincoln South Australia. “Rita”, a gorgeous brand new vessel fitted with 2 x MAN 1500 HP engines. She was having some high wet exhaust temps.

We redesigned the entry into the main engine exhaust and redesigned the 355 MM underwater penetrations. She is now performing beautifully. Again, careful planning and experienced expert design makes for a perfect result.

At this technical level, there can be no room for error. Experience is the key factor – every time.

We have around 14 large jobs on the go at the moment, a new 35mtr in Thailand with 16V MTU’s down to a custom ski boat with 454 Big Blocks. Whatever the requirement, we have the solution.