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Sea Horse

At 170 feet, Sea Horse is probably one the most luxurious motor yachts in the world today. Foreshore Marine Exhaust is re designing the generator exhaust systems for improved efficiency and better noise attenuation...

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Built by Oceanfast, MY "Eendracht", is simply a stunning vessel. At 120 feet in length and powered by MTU diesels and Perkins generators, she is one of the finest Motor Yachts in the world today.

Her new owner required better performance from both main engine and generator exhaust systems. Foreshore Marine Exhaust designed a new generator exhaust system...

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Dear Brad,
Just a quick note to thank you for the excellent work you have done on my 59-foot Selene in relation to the quiet exhaust. Your design has been fantastically successful and I believe the noise level has dropped about 85%. I am absolutely delighted with both the design and the workmanship. Congratulations and thanks very much!
Regards, Dick Smith
(founder of Dick Smith Electronics)

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Dear Brad,
I really want to thank you for the great job you did designing and building a new silenced exhaust system for our 44ft Assegai, Megumi.
It took a lot of thought and application of the skills you have acquired over the years … and the result is sensational.
Thanks for a job well done
Ken “Brownie” Brown, Skipper/manager Brisbane Sport Fishing Adventure Club

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MY "Suri"

At 203 Ft long, MY “Suri” is one of the most unique vessels of its type. Built in 1978 in the USA she was originally named “Fierce Contender” being a star in the famous series “Worlds Deadliest Catch”. After a 12 million dollar upgrade MY Suri was born. A beautiful ‘go anywhere’-vessel fully equipped with a gym, helicopter, sea plane and all the toys...

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Nova Cruises, Newcastle, chooses Foreshore Marine Exhaust

Nova Cruises based in Newcastle NSW run a very professional operation consisting of two vessels. One 30 mtr restaurant cruise and a 16 mtr charter catamaran...

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Longer, softer, easier to install high temp hump hoses

Foreshore Marine has developed its own range of high temp silicon hump hoses. 76mm ID to 406mm ID in stock. Stainless Steel. Clamps also in stock. VIEW FULL RANGE OF HOSES AND CLAMPS

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We pride ourselves on offering our customers a customised solution for all marine exhaust requirements. We are the only wet exhaust company worldwide to offer our customers 24 hour technical advice, Idle Vein Technology and Lift Baffle Technology, as well as various in line silencers for petrol and diesel engines and makes and models.

Most of our innovative designs are the result of our partnerships, communication and collaboration between Foreshore Marine Exhaust and its clients. Engine technology is evolving with more rpm, more horsepower, less weight, fuel economy, speed…all important factors. It is vital that your marine exhaust system is matched and optimised to give you the best fuel economy, performance, noise attenuation and sea worthy designs available.