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Foreshore Marine Exhaust Underwater Exhaust Mufflers

Foreshore Marine Exhaust Pty Ltd - World Leaders in Marine Exhaust Innovation

Underwater Exhausts are common on larger vessels and increasingly popular with planing vessels requiring additional noise reduction.

Our range of underwater exhaust mufflers have been designed to provide protection to the marine engine from surging seawater, to minimise back pressure at idle and low speed.and to deliver superior noise attenuation. The underwater exhaust mufflers are suitable for marine engines ranging from 20-2500HP. I

Foreshore Marine Exhaust’s subject matter experts partner with our clients to design a customised system to help achieve our client’s expectations. Consultancy services, such as, troubleshooting and fault finding , can be leveraged to improve performance of existing underwater exhaust systems. Early client engagement is critical to ensure that common errors in design are avoided.

For further information, contact Brad Gorman at Foreshore Marine Exhaust Pty Ltd.