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Technology keeps getting better, attention to detail always exceptional

Digging up some older testimonials just goes to show that back in 1994 at Foreshore Marine Exhaust, we were already supplying top quality products to leading boatbuilders and ferry operators. And about twenty years leater, in 2012, we keep doing the same, just better! With more technology and better solutions we can offer even higher quality solutions to our customer, but ALWAYS with the same attention to detail and the same exceptional customer service.

One of my most treasured testimonials from our early days is from Trevor Gowland, who sadly passed away in 2007. He was an absolute legend of Australian boat building and an expert sailor. Trevor sailed in and built Americas Cup defenders and Sydney to Hobart winners.

I first me Trevor in the early 1993, when he ran the famous the Halvorsen Boats at Bobbin Head. He was a pleasure to work for and was always straight to the point. A few years after Trevor wrote this testimonial for me, I proudly displayed it on our stand at the 1996 Sydney International Boat Show.

One afternoon at the boat show a lady walked past, stopped and pointed at the Halvorsen Boats Pty Ltd letterhead. “HOW did you get that!?” she asked, “Trevor never gives recommendations!!!” “Well”, I said, “I just asked!” She smiled and said that I must have really impressed him then! She was the long serving office scretary at the time and obviously knew him very well. Trevor Gowland was a national treasure, a great man and a brilliant shipwright who has taught so many.

Another of my favourite testimonials is from Bill Coombes. Bill is a shipwright and a smart operator. He has run successful ferry operations since the 1980′s. We supplied Bill with mufflers for all his future vessels.


Brad Gorman
Foreshore Marine Exhaust Pty Ltd